Picture Nuances Editor Nuances, the literary magazine of La Roche College, is created and maintained by the English honor society, Sigma Tau Delta. The 2017 Editors from Left to Right. Back row: Patrick Hodge, Matt Feeney, Denzel Laurent. Middle row; Sarah Vorsheck, Heather Radick, Lainey Standiford. Front row: Dr. Michelle Maher, faculty advisor;  Jessica Lee, Lauren Villella.

Editorial Staff


Matt Feeney
Poetry & Fiction Editor I am a Professional Writing major. I’ve always enjoyed reading the works of other people and now I just enjoy writing whatever pops into my head.
Patrick Hodge Poetry & Fiction Editor  
Denzel Laurent Poetry & Fiction Editor Denzel Laurent was born in radiant United States Virgin Islands. He is a Junior at La Roche College who is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Literature. While at La Roche, Denzel has been actively involved in a plethora of organizations. He serves as the SNT coordinator for the National Society of Leadership and Success, and the National Communication Coordinator for the Residence Hall Association. Recently he has been inducted into the Literary Honor Society at La Roche. He is an active member in the Psychology Club, Radio Club, Garden Club, LIFE, and Black Student Achievement. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, bowling, and acting. Upon Graduation, he will complete his master's in Human Resources. He is just one of the students that is willing to volunteer his time to whomever may be in need of it.
Jessica Lee Poetry & Fiction Editor  
Heather Radick Poetry & Fiction Editor I am a sophomore majoring in the ever-dwindling field of Language and Literature, and double minoring in Professional Writing and Sociology. In addition to editing for Nuances, I am Managing Editor of the Courier newspaper and a peer tutor at the Writers' Center. I like cats, cooking, and rambling about Shakespeare.
Lainey Standiford Poetry & Fiction Editor I'm a senior Journalism major currently serving as President of Sigma Tau Delta. I am a contributing writer for La Roche Courier, and by the time you read this, I will be gladly accepting donations of free puppies, and donuts for life after college. I am coffee-fueled and obsessed with my dogs and their adorable butts.
Lauren Villella Poetry & Fiction Editor I am a junior psychology major, with a professional writing minor. In addition to serving as an editor for Nuances, I am also an editor for La Roche's student newspaper, the Courier. Creative writing has always been an interest of mine because it is cathartic, enlightening and one of the truest windows to the soul. As Edgar Degas said, "Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."
Sarah Vorsheck    
Michelle Maher Faculty Advisor - Nuances Michelle Maher, Ph.D., is a poet and writer. She is a Professor of English at La Roche College.
Lynn Archer Faculty Advisor-Computing Dr. Lynn Archer is a full time faculty member of the IST Department.
Irene Joos


Faculty Advisor - Web Site Dr. Irene Joos is the faculty advisor for Nuance's web site. She is a faculty member in the IST Department and an adjunct in the Nursing Department.
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