Using the La Roche University Wireless Network

Accessing WI-Fi on the La Roche College Campus

1. Use the Wi-Fi network named "LaRoche-Secure"

First-time users need to first log into a domain computer (for example a lab, or at the La Roche Student Help Desk, or into first.  The reason is that they need to change their password with the first log in. They should have no problem accessing the wireless after that.

2. Use your La Roche College network I.D. and password to log into the secure wireless network.

3. If you have not signed on to the La Roche wireless network you will be required to install SafeConnect (see below). To ensure that your wireless device meets the security requirements of the La Roche College wireless network.


For information in Wi-Fi in the dorms click here


Connecting Personally Owned Devices to the Wireless Network:

  Installing the SafeConnect Policy Key (Windows)
  Connecting to the Secure Wireless Network on a Mac
  Installing the SafeConnect Policy Key (Mac)


Safe Connect Link