Blackboard Learning System Information


  1. General Information
    1. Logging into Blackboard
    2. Blackboard Organization
    3. Submit Assignments for Your Course
    4. Post Discussions
    5. Read Discussions
    6. Taking a Test
    7. Using SafeAssign
    8. System Requirements for using Blackboard -Click on this link to see if your browser is compatible with Blackboard. If using Chrome you get a Java error disregard it. If you are getting a pop-up warning, enable your browser to allow pop-ups from and

    9. Blackboard Browser Support Policy
    10. Frequently Asked Questions
    11. Blackboard Video Tutorials
      1. Working in your course
        1. Submitting an Assignment
        2. Taking a Test Online
        3. Checking Your Grades
        4. Working in Groups
        5. Creating a Blog Entry
        6. Interacting with the Discussion Board
        7. Viewing Discussion Board Grades
        8. Creating and Editing a Wiki Page
        9. Viewing My Contribution to a Wiki
        10. Linking Wiki Pages
        11. Using the Course Map
      2. Staying Organized and Communicating
        1. Sending Email From Your Course
        2. Using the Calendar Tool
        3. Stay Organized by Managing Your Course and Personal Tasks
      3. Setting Your Preferences and controlling your Environment
        1. Editing Your Personal Information
        2. Setting Your Privacy Options
        3. Setting Your Notification Options


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