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Computer experience and knowledge is a desirable and often required skill in many professions. As a result, computers have become an integral part of education and are now essential tools for many college courses. At La Roche, certain majors require that students own a personal computer and software. The La Roche College Computer Initiative is dedicated to providing incoming and current students with the information and resources necessary to make a well-informed computer and software purchase.

The Computer Initiative seeks to (1) provide basic information regarding student computers and software at La Roche, (2) outline the requirements for specific majors, and (3) assist students in obtaining educational pricing.

La Roche College is not involved in the purchase of your computer or software, and as such we receive no financial compensation for student purchases.

You are not required to purchase a specific model, all you need to do is meet the outlined requirements of your major. No matter what company, vendor or reseller you choose, be sure to ask about educational pricing, and compare deals and prices for the computer that meets your needs.

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Paul Balouris

Initiative Coordinator
(412) 536-1288