La Roche University honors its graduates once per year in the Spring. August, December and May graduates, as well as upcoming August graduates are invited to attend. Please see the Commencement web site for all the ceremony details.

Application for Graduation

Students must officially apply for graduation by submitting an online Graduation Application by the published deadlines.

  Filing Deadlines
  Opens ($85) Late Fee Starts ($110) Closes
May Graduates January 1 February 2 March 1
August Graduates March 15 May 1 May 30
December Graduates August 15 September 16 October 15

Online Graduation Application

Degree Progress

It is important that students update their program guides each semester with their advisor in order to monitor their progress toward their degree.  For students admitted prior to Fall 2011, a copy of a completed program of studies, signed by the advisor must be submitted to the Registrar's Office to complete the graduation application process.  Students should not wait until their final semester to complete a program guide.  In addition to the minimum credits required for the degree, all major and core requirements must be satisfied. Please ensure that all requirements are met before applying for graduation.

For students admitted to La Roche for the Fall 2011 semester or later, progress toward the degree is tracked online through Degree Audit.  The Degree Audit report is available on  The Degree Audit will confirm when degree requirements are met and will display all unmet requirements including total credits required for graduation.  Students should run their degree audit report prior to meeting with their academic advisors to plan their next semester schedules.

Degrees/Double Majors

Students who double major will receive only one degree.  Students with a double major in both a BA and a BS program may elect to receive either the BA or the BS degree.  The Registrar's Office will need to know your preference at the time of graduation application.


Your name on your diploma will appear exactly as it does on your graduation application.  Diplomas are not distributed at commencement, but will be mailed to the address listed on your graduation application, approximately four to six weeks following the final grade deadline.  Any student with a financial hold will have their diploma held in the Registrar's Office until all financial obligations are met.

Only the degree, and not the minor, major, or concentration appears on the La Roche University diploma.

Latin Honors

Latin honors are awarded to Baccalaureate degree candidates who meet cumulative grade point average requirements and a minimum of 45 credits in residence at La Roche University. The required GPAs follow:

Cum Laude3.50 - 3.74
Magna Cum Laude 3.75 - 3.89
Summa Cum Laude3.90 - 4.00

Latin Honors appear on the diploma and final transcript.

Final Transcripts

Students receive an official copy of their final transcript along with their diploma.  The final transcript will include degree and conferral date, along with major, minor, concentration, and any certificate earned.  Students requesting a final transcript for employment purposes, certification application, or admission to graduate school, who have not yet received their own copy, should be sure to indicate "hold until the degree is posted."  Students can order transcripts and track the status of their order online at

La Roche Email

La Roche email accounts for all degree recipients will remain active approximately three weeks after graduation.  Students must remember to save or forward any emails they want to keep.  Do not give your La Roche email out to prospective employers.

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