General Questions


General Questions About Online Learningl

1.       Will I ever meet or can I meet my professors in person?
Unless this is a hybrid course, there are no scheduled times to meet with the professor, however, all professors have regularly scheduled office hours (4 hours per week) as well as office hours by appointments (12 hours per week). If you would like to meet with your professor personally, then schedule an appointment or drop in during office hours. A few professors also have office hours by chat and/or video cams and a few have a get together sometime throughout the semester, but this is NOT required.

 2.    How do I get into an online course?
Register for it using the online registration system during the registration period. You must first meet with your advisor and be cleared to register. Online courses are open to all La Roche students.

 3.    Are there rules/expectations for both professor and online student?
Yes, some of these are spelled out for students on the Learner Requirements and What to expect web pages under home tab, ready list. In addition, many professors will spell what is expected from you in an About this Course document or syllabus located in the Blackboard course.

Professors must abide by their faculty contracts and faculty manual.  In addition, many of them will spell out their responsibilities related to how often they check the course website, how quickly they will return assignments, how often they check email, etc. through the syllabus or about this course document posted in Blackboard.  

 4.       Are there holidays or vacations for online learners?
Yes, you follow the academic schedule posted by the college although some online students use breaks to get caught up.