La Roche College requires all students taking online courses to use Biometric Signature .ID. This new software system is used to verify a students' ID using just your mouse, touchpad, stylus or touch screen. No special hardware or software downloads are necessary. This identification technology is from a company called Biometric Signature ID (BSI).  Verifying student identification is a new mandate from the federal government that our institution needs to comply with.

Your instructor will be asking you to verify your identity as an assignment at certain times during your course. You need to follow the instructions to enroll and verify your identity. Key highlights are:

  • Please watch a short video on registering using BioSig ID. The video can be viewed now by selecting this URL:
  • Once you receive your first assignment using BioSig ID you will then register and enroll in the software system. That assignment will look similar to the following but the wording may be different.
  • The BioSig ID assignment may be at the bottom of the web page where your assignments are located. Unfortunately, each faculty member sets up their course differently so please explore the Canvas Course to ensure you see everything they post.
  • You will be required to verify your identity before gradable events or at certain other times. Many students find this software very easy to use and actually like using it.
  • It is important to remember the passwords you create with this new identification system, as you will use them for all your courses at  La Roche. We suggest you take a screenshot or use alternative methods to remember the two passwords you will create. You may not be able to access your exams without these passwords.

Any questions please call the Student Help Desk at 412-847-2300.